Casino sues cyber security company

Affinity Gaming, an operator of 11 casinos in four US states, is suing cyber security company Trustwave for failing to contain a breach it was hired to shut down, opening a new avenue of liability around data breaches. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Nevada in late December, is one of... Hacked casino sues cybersecurity firm | TheHill

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Casino Sues Cyber Security Company Over Failure to Stop ...

Casino sues cyber security company over failure to stop… Affinity Gaming is one of the many Las Vegas-based casino operators. The company’s businesses included five casinos in Nevada and six others around the United States. When the company suffered from a network breach, it hired a security firm to manage and clean up its network system. Casino Sues Trustwave Over Data Breach -… A casino operator has sued incident response firm Trustwave, alleging that the security company failed to fully eradicate and "contain" the 2013 data breach and payment card malware outbreak that it was hired to remediate. Security experts say the lawsuit is a reminder to any firm that gets breached... Affinity Gaming Sues Cybersecurity Firm Over Data Breach Affinity Gaming sues Trustwave cybersecurity firm in what might prove to be a groundbreaking case.Las Vegas-based Affinity Gaming is suing a cybersecurity company, which it claims failed to dealIt also claims the cyber firm’s failure to deal with the breach damaged the casino company’s...

Affinity Gaming Sues Cybersecurity Firm Over Data Breach

Cyber Daily News – 2019-03-31 – Statoperator Index of references to Cyber in Global Information Space with daily updates Classy Coin Casino Review - Closed Online Casinos The Classy Coin Casino has been permanently shut down due to the illegal activities that the owners, Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein, conducted. CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-01-21

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Partner, Cyber Resilience and Information Security Leader 416 365 8860 Arryn Blumberg Director, National Gaming Practice 416 687 8014 In brief | Cyber security in gaming Protecting what matters most Protecting data To protect data, gaming businesses need to understand what the data is, where it’s ... 10 Top Cybersecurity Companies | Investing News Network 10 Top Cybersecurity companies – December 5, 2017 By Jocelyn Aspa The cybersecurity industry is a quickly expanding market, growing in response to the rapidly developing need for computer security. U.S. Casinos, Regulators Face Growing Cybersecurity Challenge ... U.S. Casinos, Regulators Face Growing Cybersecurity Challenge 11th Jul 2016 | Written by: Chris Sieroty The success of cyber criminals in illegally obtaining customer financial data at a number of well-known casino-resorts has led to an increasing focus by U.S. gaming regulators in the area of cybersecurity risks.

A U.S. casino is suing the cybersecurity firm it hired to help handle a data breach in a case that experts say is likely the first of many. “The cost of a data breach incident is staggering, and ...

Casino Sues Security Firm for Failing to Contain Malware Jan 16, 2016 · SOFTPEDIA® NEWS. Softpedia > News > Security > Incidents. Softpedia Homepage. US casino chain Affinity Games is suing Trustwave Holdings, a cyber-security vendor that was brought in to investigate a card breach but failed to detect and stop a malware incident on Affinity's servers, which led to the escalation of a previous card breach.

It will be necessary to find an alignment between business and security forces in order to enhance research and response to these incidents.